1000 Leagues for Sandvich [Video]


Clever idea

Hah loved it.
The Wind Waker music was great, might have to go play that again.
However you might want to try hiding the lights with the color tool.

Try looking for the Dark Messiah content pack.
There’s a really nice set of boats in there.


Ta da!

Where did you get that lantern in the boat?

Portal 1 props.



The trick to the boat prop is to make it so that the camera isnt faceing directly down into it, but if you have to just raise the boat enough so it isnt noticeable.

Also probably should weld it to the map so it cant move


Ignore tool is your friend.
It makes the prop/ragdoll/whatever translucent and unmoveable by physgun or other prop. Should be a breeze to work with the boat with this.

What is map? (The name of the map.)