101 FAVORITE mods

I want everyone to put at least three of there most favorite mods, that they own, No mods you hate, everything about this thread must be positive.

  1. PHX 3
  2. HL2 Tactical Weapon Replacements
  3. Dann’s Huge NPC pack

Oh no.


What have I done.


  1. Wiremod
  2. Unofficial Wiremod

96 phx 2 1/2 .3

95 Dismemberment Mod, It Is Delicious.
94 Vehicle Collection
93 Zombie Survival!

92 Spacebuild 2

91 stacker
90 door tool
89 easy precision
88 garry’s bombs 3
87 hoverboard
86 Jihad bomb

Congratulations! You’ve made our one MILLIONTH “Favorite Mods” thread!

You get a trip to


85:nuke sweps
84:sword sweps
83:magic pack

82:cod 4 vacant map
81:dragon npc
80:HAXXX! swep