1024x1024x1024 Campaign/singleplayer map challenge.

I know, you guys are probably thinking “another size challenge. Wow.” But this is gonna be a little different
Requirements/rules: The PLAYABLE part map must be 1024x1024x1024 or less, no more. (This means 3d skybox, unenterable areas, etc may exceed that limit.)
It must have interactive gameplay, not just walking through a few rooms
Must have lighting.
Must have some kind of storyline, not just a plaza with a constant stream of npcs.
It may be in any source game.
It may have custom content.
The map must have been started after the beginning, but the content may have been finished before.
The map must have a 5-10 screenshot summary of the storyline, or a video playthrough
You may submit as many entries as you want.
The winners will be decided by vote the day after the contest ends
Deadline: You have until :siren:**

November 26, 2009

:siren: to create the map, but the contest will close at 12 noon :siren:

November 26, 2009

**:siren:, Pacific standard time (-8 GMT) No contest entries after this date will be accepted
Prize: At the moment, a $5 dollar steam game of your choice for first place. Any donations of prizes will allow me to add 2nd, maybe 3rd place prizes.
Have fun, do well, and make some awesome maps


To submit your entries, send the bsp and the vmf in a private message to me. I will not edit the vmf, i just need it to clarify that it IS in fact yours, and it IS infact less than 1024x1024x1024 in the playable area



Nisd has generously provided a

That is for 1st place!

This my dear friends is a real contest. How pleased I am to see this :smile: Good luck to those who are going to participate!

Just because a known mapper did it?

Because it has a decent set of rules reqs a deadline and a prize. This is what motivates people.


But still, there’s to many of these threads. This is getting seriously stupid. At least this is not a low quality one.

I’ll try this.
Nvm. I’m not good at “custom content”.

i’ll try to enter. but i think we really need a non-size challenge. and btw, whatever happened to those Facepunch Map Challenges by Metallics?


Holy lord, how many more challenges are there gonna be?!?!?!? :confused:

How can you judge whats better than waht looks arnt alwasy good and why do the numbers have to be the same as for the hight if its an out side map the out most top part should be metting with the skybox

Pretty much…

Thanks-giving was last sunday, idiot.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

im pretty sure he lives in the U.S., where Thannksgiving is in November

This competition is actually thought out. Good job.

Its not required.

Wait, can it be on any game? Specifically L4D :raise:

I’m in.

Finally, a legit mapper making a challenge instead of some random guy from hell knows where. I doubt some of the other challenge makers were even mappers themselves, or good ones at least.

For best results you should have a second prize that’s better than the first prize.

I was waiting for this one, and the ruleset is really cool :smiley:

I give this a try i had an idea at school do skyboxes count?

No. Read the rules for everyone that has questions.
All the ones that have been asked were answered in OP

I’m joining this one, SP mapping is all I do now :smiley: