10th Mountain Division AA3 Headhack Pack

The headhacks just keep coming! :v:

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] AA3 10th Mountain Division Pack

[tab]Description:[/tab] chl0407’s AA3 Soldier with a 10th Mountain Division skin by Zupadupazupadude and new faces. The headgear comes in bodygroups!

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=92441

[tab]Credits:[/tab] chl0407 for the AA3 models, and Zupadupazupadude for the skin, comic, and original idea.[/release]

There may be a few clipping errors with the helmets. The new faces don’t exactly fit them.

Pic by Zupa:


Showing bodygroups and posing:


And a little comic on the bodygroups by Zupa:

http://www.filefront.com/15706427/mounatin%20spawnlist.zip Link to the spawnlist :slight_smile:

Looks great

Look at their pee-pees! Anyway, great job.

I hate you for making me notice that



skin looks better than original.
nice. downloading

It just doesn’t look like it blends well.

Well, I think that the headgear could be adjusted better, but that’s just me.

One possible idea for this: add togglable patches as a bodygroup, for example:

(bonus if you remember where this is from)


82nd one would be useful for 28 Weeks Later poses.
Some others…

Those are from the TV show, Jericho right?

Yeah, the Allied States of America. The soldiers who arrived in the town were the 10th Mountain Division, so I thought it would be relevant.

In any case, is there a chance that it would be possible to mess around with the scale of the helmets so that they fit a little better?

I wish I could, but the proportions of the helmet aren’t built to fit the citizen heads. If part of the helmet gets adjusted, then other parts of the helmet won’t fit right even if they are scaled too. As for the patches, we could do that if I could figure out how to get the skingroups to work.

this too is useful
thanks man, always hated the default AA faces
just horrible

I heard Jericho sucked.

Jericho was actally a pretty good series,

I watched it and found it interresting…Acting wasen’t that all great, but these are the guys that broughet you great stuff like Generation Kill and Band Of Brothers

They really let it go. :ohdear:

head is too small or helmet is too big.

You heard wrong.

Sweet hacks. Quite useful. It would be awesome if someone made a multicam skin for these guys, for “near-future” pictures.

Alright, if someone can give me a multicam pattern i will make one.