11/14/2014 Latest Patch Releases

Disabled PVP looting (until we have some other stuff in place) - @garrynewman (/main)

I am unable to loot corpses is this also disabled?

Its probably just disabled until they implement a proper pickpocketing system. Hopefully it takes a few seconds to open inventories and a few seconds to steal items, rather then the current instagib situation. You also should’t be able to steal equipped items and there should be very obvious animations to show what you’re doing.

yea, the current pvp looting system is a tad broken…

their trying to fix it so thats its not so easy that you can steal peoples guns when they have them pointed at you

If they fixed the netcode and made it so you couldn’t stand point blank in front of someone with a gun pointed at you without taking a bullet to the head it wouldn’t be a big problem. As it is now, you can miss the broad side of a barn with any gun.

To actually answer you seeing as no one else did, yes, you can still loot corpses, PVP looting is looting while your actually fighting someone. easy way to win the battle…