11 Rust Ideas

1: Fireplaces/stoves: furnaces/ campfires are not enough. Add chimneys to make the log cabin setup legit.
2: Carry-able chests that you pick up and make you slower, makes raiding faster.
3: Lanterns that can be held, and you can hit things with it. If you hit something with it, the lantern breaks and the object you hit(if flammable maybe people) will burst into flames. It uses fuel and if you lose all of the fuel, no flame. This lantern can only be broken once. Also you can place the lantern as well, like they have now.
4: Names on human skulls(this skull belongs to [insert name]). This could make bounties a thing, so if someone asks you to kill someone for something, you give them the skull, and they give you the reward.
5: Binoculars/Range Finders. For all those immaculate long range bolt action rifle shots.
6: Glass windows and glass in general.
7: Coffee, tea, soda, koolaid, stew.
8: Names on doors,(little text if you hover over it that says ¨this door is owned by [insert name])and again this would be helpful for bounties. If you are a known bounty hunter, people place notes on your door. Or this would work with the mafia. You find out where they live, you kill them, take their skull.
9: When you are on the ground wounded, the person could pull out a pistol and shoot. The aim is VERY shaky and VERY blurred.
10: When you are on the ground wounded, a friend or a good Samaritan can come and pick you up and carry you. They can then take you back to the base or behind a tree, and heal you. You would be slightly slower when doing this.
11: Take away the timer on the wounded screen and add a give up button. That way you can decide if you want to die. This wouldn’t be very realistic, but hey these are ideas, not requests.

Thanks for reading if you did.

i like some of the ideas but there not a neccecary thing right now the devs are focusing on main feutures now :wink:

the nr 11… . there is already a option type “kill” in console to give up
the nr 8 - there is a plugin “who owns”
the nr2 - why not a backpack instead like in other survivalgames?

Some good suggestions you got there=) please add “female model” to your list =)

Yep. It’s cool, I just think they would be some cool things to implement in the future.

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Lol you just want to see some boobies;):quagmire:

Everything on there sounds perfect! Hopefully some of these will be added I like the idea of the player names on the skulls a lot, I imagine they could add all of these things within a week if they wanted to :smiley:

Thanks man, that means a lot.

Some good ideas there. Thumbs up.

Should using the console really be part of the game?

Picking up chests is pretty cool, imagine you find a locked chest and you pick it up to lockpick it at your home.