112 subsrciber vidio!1

After over 5 months, me and D4RkHaZz have finally have 112 subscribers on youtube! We would like to thank everyone for their support and made in over 2 weeks of hard work this very special tribute video for all the very special watchers of our movies.


I can gladly look back to machinima masterpieces such as “It’s the black man’s hood, ya!”, “GORDON! The film.” and especially “Happy bitray gerald”

Don’t forget to sub us and Merry Christmas!

You st0le my vidio!1

you stole my train! :V

Nice video, bit random…
it was random

Give me your drugs. That was fucking awesome.

Woaw cool, but why at 112? you could wait for 150 suscribers.

I am also not telling you how to educate your kids!

FUCKING PRO. great quality and just the right amount of randomness/originality


112? I’d expect you to have more subscribers, your videos are awesome

I have 1806, D4RkHaZz has 2152 and on our bullshit account we have now 132 subscriber.

Don’t take our account or the racist videos on it serious. It’s all for the lols. :v: