112nd Cadian lascannon fire-team laying down fire (Domino-ed)

Well… First of all… It’s a shame that the red glow didn’t show as much as I wanted it to… but whatever…
Second… I was to lazy to come up with a title…
Third… How the h** am I gonna stay wake for seven hours with education? O.o


Please take a minute to compare :slight_smile:
I pulled an all nighter and put this one together…

The stupid thing is, you can’t really see the small details i drew in :-/
like creating fake bumpmaps :-/

Chesty’s original thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=856184

For the hell of it…
Here’s all the WIP I’ve uploaded in the process…
This is how I operate, I first piss white all over the image where I want the light to hit the surface of whatever…
Then I add a hue layer, and group it to the white piss layer and play around with opacity and such…

And this was now complete with realistic shadows and lightning.

Looks much better.

I’m not sure if I prefer the size of this muzzle flash, saying that however, the editing is excellent!

thats awesome.

Man, after all that work hand drawing the red light, you desaturate it halfway out of existence T_T

Either way, looks hellza sweet. I like the muzzle flash and all the blur.

Maybe the muzzleflash is a little excessive, but I love the gritty style of this edit. Very 40K. Very impressive.

Chesty got owned!

I don’t remember being in a competition. Nice way to return to Facepunch GB.

There was no comp :stuck_out_tongue:
I just wanted to edit something, also, I fixed the redness, so that it shows a bit more :slight_smile:
See first post

I dont like the blur on the background combined with the noise, it looks a little strong.
But the laser, tracers, motion blur on the gun is really nice.

You need to blame Chesty for the blurry background, the noise looks strange as it is color noise…
Though I have been using the same settings for a year :stuck_out_tongue:
Filter => Noise => Add noise => 400 => put opacity down to 4%

well… It works :wink:

I don’t think he believes the blur itself is bad, but the combination of the blur and the noise. Noise tends to look more pronounced on depth-of-field.