112nd Cadian lascannon fire-team laying down fire

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Comparison: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/25303
Skin thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=856158

C&C please on both the picture and the skin.

Cool but why takeing a red muzzleflash?
Machine Gun doesnt have a shadow.

You wouldn’t be able to see the shadow at this angle I doubt and lascannons have red muzzleflashes.

Well sorry than I never saw a red muzzeflash before.

Then again, you haven’t been to the year 40,000 either. :downs:


I read the title as “112nd Canadians lascannon fires team…” lol
Nice picture, I like those skins mate, the camo looks hot.

The only thing i dont like is the machinguns supports floating on some parts of the bags.

Wow, everything looks so high-res. Nice posing, and the skin looks great like I said before.

Great skin I love Warhammer.

Very nicely done. Living up to your standards.
Quick question: what’s with the guy’s hands holding the lascannon? Maybe I’m just being blind, but it doesn’t look like he’s holding it.
Also, the back-ground is empty. I know this is a tall order, but it would be more in-keeping with the warhammer theme if there were soldiers sprinting forward, guns ablaze, rockets and lasers going off everywhere.
Anyway, if you feel like putting life on hold for a month or so, that would look kickass.

At first I thought it said Canadian, pretty shiny.

Is that Louis on the left? This is really good-looking, especially their faces.

What map? Nice pic

Looks like

do kasrkins next

also nice

Are they the dudes with the gasmask things and the random red parts on their camo? They would be cool, although I’d need someone to hack on the masks.


looking very nice, but like i said in the other thread, it would look better with a solid colour. :slight_smile:

IDOTS is working on that. It looks terrible at the moment, but he’s fixing up a new normal map to add more folds into the texture (which will also be used to make the camo variant look better). Also, the final release will have versions of the Guards with and without neckguards.

About the Skin, The Right Shoulder pad has the Regiment’s Badge, not sure what the left one is called but it’s this. But i do believe it’s Cadia’s insigina


Guard Armor also has a Winged Skull instead of an Aquilla.