-117 :-117 Error when trying to connect


When I’m trying to connect after downloading all the needed files I get a black screen after a while and a white text saying:


-117 :-117

refresh broswer to reconnect

Any known fixes?
Help will be highly appreciated!

i have the same error i think everyone is laging a lot right now

first time i saw a 117 there was a server wipe
second time i was ingame for 5 hours with 3 guys then server wiped.

chances are, servers gonna wipe.

laziest how long doea a wipe take ? i miss playing rust already

I just got a key… its 4 am and Im excited and stuff and I get this :frowning:

Welcome to Rust ALPHA. You aren’t a player, you are an ALPHA TESTER. Things like this will happen. Go to bed. Rust will be around in the morning, and maybe it’ll even be working by then.

Okay thanks, I’m aware of the fact that its in alpha, but you know, I just got really pumped up when I got the key :smiley: Thanks for the reply.

last time we sat ingame while everyone was locked out for 6 to 7 hours. soooo probably tonight

Chances are Master Chief has been unleashed

I hate hearing people like you pull that crap. You are playing the game, testing out the layout of the game as it is and report what is wrong with it. It’s a game in progress, game, what do you expect to treat it as then if not what it’s intended to be?