11TH Release Day?

Guys should we be able to buy rust today?

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post" - postal))

steam servers don’t update till everyday at 1pm eastern i think so they might push the game out by then :smiley: you can always check check www.steamdb.info to see if they added rust to the database

I only found this:

It will probably be this one : http://steamdb.info/app/252490/

Because you can go here : http://playrust.com/about/
And find the #app in the Steam URL but this one is for the shop and not the DB.
Hope it will be out as soon as possible !!

So, rust should definitely be up today on steam?


In how much hours?

No exact time but I would guess about 20 minutes from now at the earliest.

I cant wait!

My Friends want to Buy it too…so GO GO GO RELEASE IT or Tell us the Release Time…

Only reason I’m excited for this release is that I will be able to get the game for my other friends.

I predicted correctly. It’s up now.

11/12/13 is quite a good release date

The last of such dates most of us will ever see.