128 slot party-build server Pros? Cons?


What exactly are you asking?

Full 128 slot build server == crashed server

What are the advantages/disadvantages of having a 128 slot server?


Why would you want one?

Why wouldn’t I? Thats what i’m asking, like what could be bad about it.

Well you would need the appropriate hardware and internet connection to support it.

Is xenonservers trustworthy?

If you can find someone who would host a 128 slot server.


and you would be spending like 100$ a month on it.

xenonservers has it for $42 a month.

2048 entities limit, Good luck, this includes players.

Are you talking about the 28 slot server? They only host up to 48.


:smiley: Hey guys what’s up?

128 slot build server.

You don’t want to trek that path…

No. My friend was having trouble with lag and other crap o he bought a sever from Counter-Strike.com

How much would you love me if I order a 128 slot server?


Xenon Servers is a really trustworthy host. I’ve been with him for a while now with no problems.