13 year old emo w/ light blonde hair

I am making a machinima of this friend of mine named Dylan and I want a scene where he is trapped in a room that my friend Carson sets on fire. It sounds horrible but its for a series I am working on.
Lolz im not that krazy :stuck_out_tongue:

3 Words.

What the fuck!?

No one is going to model an EMO I tell you

soooo… an anime character?

References man, post references.


That is ALL that im going to say.

that’s what i was thinking

I say, model this girl.


or there are these, god I hate these kids:




these would be great for ragdoll torture maps.

oh my , made me lol

What the hell is it?


no one will ever do an emo model…the closest u will get is the punk bulma or the punk alyx reskin…

Serious Emo is…

My parents went to McDonalds to pick up dinner, but they gave me a Medium size instead of Extra Large. My life fucking sucks.”

:frowning: Emos.

Half Dead made a personal skin for his sister, a blonde emo chick.

Haha! One of these would work! I am thinking about just finding a goth npc or ragdoll model and just reskinning it so it looks like Dylan. Anyways, thanks for everything!

You, sir, won the internets.