"13 years of no city maintainance and this place is a shit hole.."

A lone survivor exploring the ruins of a once bustling city…


Nice, but the grass seems Waaay too big, compared in size!

13 years. Also it is mostly weeds, so ya never know.

Shit, you’re PC must of struggled there lol

Looks awesome mate

The grass is photoshopped…

No it isn’t…

Nice. How did you make the grass?

It is from some model pack or another. About a 1mx1m square a piece.

The grass is from Crysis

It’s very good but… I dunno I think you went a little too far with the grass. Editing is nice.


Oh shit, Elm Street! Get outta there, Ellis!

Map name?

Also, nice pose, and edit.

Van in the background could use some rust. All that chrome uncleaned after 13 years would get a bit…dodgy.

Wow! Kinda reminds me of I am Legend for some reason. But with a lot more grass.
Great work!

I’ve just noticed that I think the cracks in the glass should be white, not black.

This is in fuckin desperate need for a tilt-shifting effect to make him look like an action figure.


With tilt shift this would look even awesome-r IMO

Excellent except for the repetitiveness.

you should put some vines and variety in the heights of where you put the grass

Baaaww I can’t find the Crysis pack this grass is a part of.

Whoa, thats alot of repetitive grass, it needs some changes… maybe some dirt around the buildings, a couple of collapsed houses and different grass around.