137 Floors and Jumping!!!

What’s up everyone, Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. This is something we did just before the last update(bolt action update) and i thought I’d share it with the community. I have been playing this game since the Alpha browser version and I’m excited to see what else is to come from. Let me know what you think and check us out from time to time. We are always looking for people to join up and play too. The more the better!

Thanks everyone.

Nice, that’s about the tallest I’ve seen. Mine was getting close, but I didn’t play for like 2 days (what the fuck, I thought the decay on buildings took 5?) and my house was pretty much decayed and gutted except the pillars/ceilings/foundations. Along with my chests, one of which was entirely full of guns and like 1500 rounds of 5.56, which was overflowing into my other storage boxes. So I’ve pretty much lost the will to play until the next update when we’ll probably wipe our server.

thanks man. Yeah the decay is pretty quick, but i hope you play again soon man. Just build metal lol