14.2 update /rustlauncher error

rust launcher error could not connect to the easyAnnticheat network


any ideas guys

Yeah I just got this. Been playing all day without a hitch then all of a sudden Rust will not launch.

Seems to indicate EAC servers are suffering a problem or offlined for maintenance/update possibly.

I’ll keep trying it periodically.

Garry is trying to fix some things and he probably broke something. Give it a couple hours or so(or less), Keep Calm and Carry On.

STOP!.. Carry on. :smile:

Hello, all players on my server, are having this problem, once out of the game / server, then the EAC does not connect them. If you find any solution we say it (go short week of bugs and errors)

waiting for fix …

steam/steamapps/common/rust. run the rust.exe as administator. should work now.

You should stop with this; it only enables play on non secure servers. Besides it is fixed now you just had to wait a bit.

8 threads on the one subject, Pitty they were not in one thread so the devs could get all the info from one place. you lot should really look for other threads pertaining to the your problems, A highly populated thread is more likely to be seen by the devs than half a dozen complaint threads.

Not sure this is a Facepunch problem More than likely a EAC network problem (on their end) as this problem has not arose directly from a game update.

It’s fixed no, at least for me - I assume for most people as the threads have mostly stopped. When the second thread popped up I did link this one but very many people do not bother to simply scan the first page for similar problems it seems.