15 Seconds + bonus

RAAAAGE Virus! Because its the best ‘zombie’ virus out there by far!


And the bonus, because I went ott with the noise and can’t be arsed making another thread:


C&C and all that tosh

i don’t get it
why 15 second?

Nice work. Both pictures are pretty good.

Never watched 28 days later? Once a drop of blood/saliva enters the bloodstream it takes under 15 seconds to infect the person

Real good wish i could pose my models, there all invisible D:

oh i didn’t know you were referencing that movie
yeah i watched it but i didn’t remember it was taking 15 seconds to infect someone
gotta say,your edit looks cool


Loled at Zoey’s face on the second picture… She is having an orgasm :v:
Besides that the posing is awesome and the editing is great.

i heard that biting (slightly) the neck is quite arousing…well for womens

Hahah your right!

Also look at Bill…
“Should I help her or just keep watching? :q:”

Yeah, but not tearing a chunk out :v:


Well he’s gotta put a bullet through the zacks heads, then hers, francis’s louis, the soldiers all before getting the one right behind him! :v:

Haha at Bill, he’s just watching like “Woa woa, calm down there”.

I seriously hope your jokeing with that.

It’s not even a zombie virus, i can’t belive you even said that.

:v: lmfao, exactly the reason I said ‘zombie’ cause I know how “soooome people” have a fit about that!

I love that second one.

It’s not my fault, modern ‘zombies’ piss me off to no end it’s like some weird disorder i have.

I’m an oldschool zombie man myself.

28 days later was a good film thou i can’t deny that, 28 weeks was…well the americans should have just left it alone really.

Oh and the editing is really nice, the blood on zoeys face is spot on.