16+ group! Looking for more players!

Yo, we are a VERY active clan with someone almost always online.
We have a decent sized ‘town’ on a very fresh server, tons of extra gear to hand out along with tons of blueprints rotting away.
If you need a clan let us know!

All the info is in the group description"

also you can add me on steam to find the actual game room faster


how many people is there in the server youre playing in?

15-20 currently growing fast

ok tell me when youll be 80+

Thats something you would have to keep an eye on lol

Few more people joined, we still have LOTS of room and supplies burning holes in our storages.

I like you, and i like your team. I come in?

The link below is to the General Chat that’s used for finding other players and clans.


server having major lag issue for everyone on the server… Do something!! It has been 2 days and no admins are on.

Hello Executioner,

Just started playing RUST about a week ago and I love it. Would love to play with other people online your group. My Steam ID is Zombeewhisperer. My email is joesides18@gmail.com, can you email me with the server name?