16 people, 2 boxes, 1 wrench and a companion cube. In construct

The title won’t get anything more descriptive would it?

So well, here is my ‘resources pose’. It is something like a big challenge to my imagination and expiriments of ingame editing only. I also needed a new desktop.

Small FAQ:
** What the hell is a ‘resources pose’ ? **
Well, its a quite simple idea I got in a recent thread to challenge myself:
I took all ratings from my OP, and counted them as resources I only could use to pose with.
I ended up with:
16 funnies: 16 ragdolls
2 boxes: 2 boxes
1 usefull : 1 wrench
1 heart: 1 companion cube
And I didn’t get any others.

So I launched up gmod and tried to use my imagination to figure out what to do with them.

It was quite funny IMO to do.

** Why the heck would you do this? Its pointless! **
As said before, it was to see how far my imagination could go with limited resources, and its big fun.

**What If I want to do this myself? **
Just pose a normal pose and note the ratings the OP has after some time (I gave it 1 day)
You can(must) assign props/stuff to the ratings before noting it (It would not be that hard if you assigned them after noting would it?)
And be a bit creative with you own rules.

End of small FAQ.

So I better post the result now shouldn’t I?

As you might be able to see this was not an attempt to create something awesome, it was a challenge for myself.

You can think this is fun to do, plain dumb or pointless, just post a reply below. (Just read whole OP first.)
My predictions of this thread getting filled with different arguments about this was right :razz:

Pure win :smug:

It is supposed to be rated funnies and whatever is in the pic.

Well, ratings aren’t that important since I won’t do this again anytime soon, I’m just wondering what you guys think of all of this.

Well, you did well with what you had.

Rated artistic for originality, and nice posing.

Wer du u get teh graz effekt?

I personally like the idea…

Rated funny because of Ellis and Coach.

It’s unique.

I think the “resource pose” idea’s pretty cool.