16 Tons


What do you get?

I’m doing a comic bout these guys…well, nobody cares

looks alright.

But someone has jizzed all over it.

I like it but the distressing is so-so. Make sure you don’t have giant scratches and such on the characters faces either, it’s distracting.

Notch’s weight.

Just for posterity sake.

Where can i get your models?

Absolutely fucking nowhere. :eng101:

Лол круто

Reminds me of this cover art for Redneck Rampage.

Оо Дениска) Наконец то Русский)

16 Tons

Stop making fun of heavy’s weight.

I more like Jonny Cash’s version.

Oh my, that looks really cool. The stains should be brown though, to look like coffee or something. They’re kinda…Suspicious now.

Yeah, maybe try a different blending mode if you’re using photoshop instead of just lowering opacity.