17 FPS...

Okay i understand that this game is not very optimized but i have seen so many people with worse specs than me playing this game really well.
I get rough 10-20 fps when i try to play with the graphics option on fastest. i have tried different servers. I will except that i simply cannot run the game with my current specs but i don’t think that is the problem.

These are my specs:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4720Q CPU @2.60GHz (turbo boost 3.6GHz)
Ram: 16.0 GB
64-Bit windows 10
Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M.

What are your thoughts? #

Thanks :slight_smile:

Switch your Intel HD to Nvidia?

Laptop + gaming = fail :frowning:

yeah it isn’t the best but considering i can fun battlefield 4 on high settins at 60fps i though rust would be fine? what do you mean switch intel hd to nvidia?

He means make sure that youre Intel HD chipset is not set to run 3d applications such as games. In the Nvidia control panel you can select which GPU to use for running games. If its not already selected, make sure it is your Nvidia GPU that is being used.

Yeah it was an automatic which selects the nvidia one! hmm this is really annoying! i played it fine on mbp with 8gb ram and i5 processor! annoying :frowning:

I think the main problem is Windows 10 or your graphics drivers

hmm interesting. what can i do to graphics processors to make that better? if anything :confused:

It’s a mobile card so nothing. All you can do is update to latest drivers.

Double check this. On my wife’s gaming laptop, Rust would ALWAYS run using the integrated graphics, regardless of what Nvidia’s setting was. The only way we could fix this was to use HDMI out. Ridiculous? You bet. But it fixed the problem.

Phenom X4 2.8 Ghz L6
Ram 6 GB 1333 mhz ddr3
Radeon 7750 CORE 2048 MB DDR3

30-48 fps :slight_smile: (medium settings)