18/03 EU/UK (MAG)Lust4rust Brand new server!! 18+ NO admin abuse Slprs-customloot-Cities-Treasures.

Server is 18+ If you are under 18 please do not join.


Welcome to Lust4Rust server By Mag(MiddleAgedGamers) Community.

We are running Oxide !

-Starter kit Fair for all!

-Airdrop 20+ Fair rate of explosives and Building parts of all kind.

-Raffles are not wokring yet , need to be updated , I will have to do them Manually using Generator , currently its on at 10+ ppl every 2 hour.

-Alliances NOT READY YET , need to find the right Plugin for those aswell , This feature is in my top list .

-Buildings ready to get sieged ,I will start working on them as soon as possible

-Random treasure crates !! Small storage box will contain common loot and they ll be more easy to find , Large storage wood : These are going to be ALL OVER THE MAP , with MORE rare loot , but trust me , VERY HARD TO FIND ! i ll keep add 1 each time someone finds 1 .


Durability Current 0.50 ( default 1) which mean , items can handla 50 % more condition!!!

Decay setting 15 days!

Can’t research, but can craft. Only available from BP:

*Explosive Charge (C4)

Can’t Research or Craft:

*F1 Grenade
*556 Ammo
*Shotgun Shells


Stairs and barricade raiding IS NOT allowed.You can only raid by destroying walls / Doors.

  • Griefing IS NOT allowed.

  • Your base has to be at least 4 Levels You dont need more than 4 lvl base( If there are big clans we can discuss it) on this server since there should be NO stair/barricade raiding , but you can build a 1x1 Scout tower nearby your base , with no loots inside.Tower can be at least 8 lvls high and only for scouting purposes and NOT storage.

  • You can build anywhere in the map BUT ALWAYS at least 10 foundation dinstance of a LOOT area / city.

*Blocking loot areas with crap objects will get you banned off the server.If you want people not looting areas GO KILL THEM instead.

*Chat should be ENGLISH only.

*No racism , violent comments and threats to eachother , or bullies on chat.1 warning , 2 warning = kick , 3 BAN.

OUR FORUMS http://mag-lust4rust.makeforum.co.uk/

OUR FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/MAGonRUST?ref=hl

Loot table and craft restrictions changed. You can now Craft kevlars.


Server is now back ,after some techincal issues with our provider.Current playerbase 11 people , we need more people to join, and we promise we wont let you dissapointed :slight_smile:

If you really need a balanced custom loot , for a long term server and play , We are the right server.

people already 2 days in game and the progress is Slow , what they like what we like .

Server is still new You got a chance not being behind .Current player base progressing you? :slight_smile:

Come in the server and we really do promise you we wont dissapoint you.

( i might have to ask my fellow players post here )


Everybody starts now , its hard to get all loot .We are using this loot table ,http://forum.rustoxide.com/resources/rusted-hatchet-custom-loot-table.157/,Please have a look

Thanks to those ppl and their plugin , we can have a hardcore server, with a custom loot that gives a LONG term play.

If you want to join and have C4’s m4s and bolt actions in the first 20 hours of your playing , then this server is NOT for you.

Also we have a rule that we do NOT allow stair / barricade raids.So no more exploiting raids .

net.connect airdrop @20+

Raffle every 2 hours when 10+

Raffle will contain from a weapon to Building parts.

Join now

bumpy bump

NO stairs / barricade raiding *

NO stairs / barricade raiding * what you waiting for …

Come and njoy Rust in Beta version ( NO MORE ALPHA) :slight_smile: