(18+) Active Adult Admins. Drops~24 - Wiped 3/14 *FRESH*

Hi everyone. We all know what it’s like to devote time and energy into a server just to have it ruined by dodgy/sketchy admins.

3 of us have just set up a brand new server.
To show that we are transparent and care, I will share with you a couple of minor changes to the server settings.

env.nightlength 9 (default 15) - Until they fix the issues with people using gamma to increase their visibility at night, we decided to make night a bit shorter. This will change once they add the fog/mist.

decay.decaytickrate 150 (default 300) - No one likes their house decaying because something came up in real life

crafting speed is set to 88%. You will notice you craft items just a bit faster.

injured length is set to 88%. You will notice you aren’t as injured as long, minor… but nice.

The air drop threshold will be ~24.

There won’t be any airdrop until earliest Sunday Evening depending on the community that develops.

When you join, feel free to add any of the admins to your steam friends to keep us informed of your opinion etc. We are very open.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Server name:

(18+) Active Adult Admins. Drops~24 - Wiped 3/14 FRESH

alternatively, go into rust and open console (F1) and type net.connect