1821: The Deluge (very early WIP)


https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/11/103043027.1/0_baf39_341981f5_orig.pngABOUT ALL
Greetings, dear friends. So, what is the 1821: The Deluge. This half-roleplay project on the platform Garry’s mod using the framework Nutscript. The project is a total conversion for Gmod my ideas and fantasies with the campaign setting for an alternative history of humankind (Read more in World History) 1821: The Deluge is a full-fledged online role-playing game for everyone, but with an emphasis on the creation of a small but strong community. There are very welcome players win back role, ie prone to total immersion in the game world, but as stated above, for non role-players the server will just always open. Advance please do not wait too much of me. Development of the project I’m doing almost alone (there are people who seasonally help when there an hour or two) and I can only devote their spare time. So I can fall in real life for a long time to leave the booze, etc. so please treat this moment with the understanding * big smile * Also please note that I am not a coder, not good modeler - just man with idea and hands. I do everything as its own forces, as in this aspect, I think it is very true to the phrase “Less people - more oxygen.” Wishes can always help, but will never become part of the development team, which simply does not and will not likely. I invite you, my friends, to be a part of the project and the community. I invite you to test, play and live.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/11/103043027.1/0_baf39_341981f5_orig.pngPLANNED FATURES

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Unique setting, telling about the water apocalypse the Napoleonic Wars

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Simple but interesting and original role-playing system

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Authentic atmosphere, expressed in the clothes and objects filled with decadence and decline postapokalipsisa.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Tons of clothes and accessories for the characters

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png 4 classes of weapons, including flintlock firearms, and mechanical, as well as artillery.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Boats and watercraft, which you can assemble yourself from beginning to end.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png The maximum size of the map (unfortunately very limited in Gmod: (()

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png 3 Mini-city and other locations

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Live Underwater world

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Tons of interactive objects fo role-playing

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png System of construction

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png The system of farming and animal husbandry

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png System of companions and pets

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png The system of “life” player - a player is now no longer a piece of polygons that can run and shoot. The player has all the feelings that the common man: from hunger and ending the need to defecate.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Simple but extensive and interesting crafting system

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png More simplicity

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Unique and original interface

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png NPC with dialogue and small quests

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Alchemy and chemistry

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png High-quality map with random events

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Weather, day and night, as well as times of the year (2 seasons: summer and snow)

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Much more what i forget…

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/11/103043027.1/0_baf39_341981f5_orig.pngHISTORY OF THE WORLD


Despair, hope quietly asks
Child water, spread snares
Into the Storm fixing proteins
Extinct eyes, silently says
Prayer of the occured hunting.
Animal smells and sounds of the wind
Communicates through a thick fog centuries.
Fire burns the soul carrier shackles
Fastened on his forehead the sign of decomposition.
Stand in silence skeletons lighthouses
Under the water surface concealing their skeletons.
Earth desire to touch sailors
Be done for the reading of the covenants,
The body that is wrapped in cloth for burial.
So it will be with anyone hitherto no water pochuyut Unfortunately,
And do not let go of the earth …

Water! Wherever you look - extends the water surface. She wavers, moves as if alive. Water is life, water-killer. Heath fluid covers the places where a few years ago were the forests, fields, and full of life in the city. The water did not come immediately. First began to rise the level of rivers and reservoirs. Then came the long rains. Heavenly car found running in Europe “Napoleonic Wars”, filling the soldiers in the trenches and to cancel all the rules of war. And then desertion was just a way to survive. Scientists reproached melting pole, and the believers moaning about quads Highest indulgences sold out at the same moment, when they appeared in the church benches.
There were people not to panic. People who own live fantasy and good capital. So, thanks to the genius engineer, appeared on the city water - Yellow marina. Lousy angle built by those who could survive anywhere, using instead of education and money - life experience and amazing endurance. As true children of bad weather, the Roma managed to unite in a large family, putting her resourcefulness, changed the wheels of carts on the boat. In the lush world there are few people who remember the meaning of words like honor, loyalty and virtue. Mankind has plunged into the dark ages of decadence with medieval customs, and “The Great Flood” drew a basest human passions and quality - slavery, lust and cannibalism became commonplace for many, and for some, and a way of life.

And I water, and I land,
And I gudgeon, and your friend,
And I loaf on the hook,
Stuck in whirlpool take a look.

-Anonymous author


https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Water
Water not only buried the remains of the civilized world, it still represented a danger to the survivors and for generations to come. Despite the assurances of scientists remained almost fresh water and could be drinkable, if not ubiquitous bacteria bred in it, thanks to the impropriety of people. Drinking unboiled water threatens at least serious poisoning, to be served on a wooden toilet and belching food from your stomach. There are cases of people drunk unboiled water covered with strange sores and begins to rot alive, the apotheosis of this action was an early and painful death. Met and opposite such phenomena mainly among vagrants who drank tap water without wincing and were in good health. Rumor has it that the gypsies at a reasonable price, you can get a special grass that purifies the water - it is very convenient in campaigns when boiling becomes a tedious task. Around settlements usually prevail sewage and foul smell as all excrement and wastes merge into the nearest public closet for lack of better technology. Cities stink just like in the Middle Ages.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Food
In many ways, human life has undergone dramatic changes with the arrival of more water. The phenomenon of small floating beds everywhere gained prominence and popularity, the invention resourceful farmer was very helpful and the people even in the almost total flooding of the world have been able to grow plants as before, although the volume of production of course considerably reduced. Many people have good luck and put culture on wild rocky islands. Plants grown there are particularly valuable, they are rich in nutrients and saturated with a lot more than usual. However, such a venture could be crowned the best in anything, because sprouts and seeds are often the prey of birds, unable even to get stronger and grow. According to the accounts of some witnesses has happened is that the owners of the plants going missing during watchkeeping on the islands. Many err on the crazed tramps, sometimes ready to kill for food or river pirates of lousy angle. In appendage to all the difficulties and inconveniences - soil wild islands (if you can call it that) is very time consuming to learn - it is rocky and infertile. With regard to animals people continued to grow chickens and pigs. Because of the limitations of land, these animals are most widely due to its small size and the opportunity to live in a cage with little or no movement. In great demand as well enjoy sobachatiny - wild dogs accustomed to drowning world addicted to swimming and being in the pack can even overcome the relatively long distances. Many hunters have enough fast boats arrange a hunt for these animals. In the cities, wet and smelly - began to multiply parasites such as rats and roaches. Traveling around the world recessed historian Antonio Serai was surprised to note that some people build cockroach farm to grow food for them - the truth is that these insects survive in virtually any environment. Those who are not squeamish and knows how to cook them well - are always full. But the main course was the kind of food fish and a variety of animals living in the water. Anyway bakery products, namely bread and sweet bread became relatively defetsitnymi goods that upset many fans.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Transport
In the circumstances of the drowning of the world the great ships and ship nearly sank into oblivion and were replaced by small boats, designed for a few people. This was due to the comparative scarcity of timber and maintenance for large water transport. In addition, most of the ships were sunk or dismantled by pirates and marauders. Many glorious warships went to the bottom, and some kindling stoves. Many have found new life in the boats collected from their parts.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Emancipation
With the advent of the Flood, women still carry out their functions in society: Keep the hearth, raised children and humored men. But as the number of work has increased substantially, and life has deteriorated, many of the fairer sex has assumed the role of men, providing offspring and doing hard physical work and man’s duties. In a recessed world - a woman in a man’s attire is not uncommon, however there are also men in women’s clothes. Oh.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Professions
Handicrafts fishermen, divers and experienced military became in great demand. Just spread the profession and the merchant. Able quietly give light weight, much pocketed, doing a little blood. Diver - perhaps the most dangerous professions related to diving to the search and various benefits of civilization washed away by the flood. Divers must have great strength, endurance, to be fast and agile, as well as be able to delay the air for a long time. Plus you never know what dangers lie ahead underwater. Diving in order to find the wreckage of the former civilization difficult just constant frosts and cold weather, the water cools down much - an untrained person can simply freeze for a few seconds. They say some of the Roma enjoys dope, grass, to reduce the influence of negative factors affecting human an underwater. Yellow is a marina focuses on technology and science, trying to get the elixir diver chemical means - and by the way quite successfully. Citizens lousy angle as before relying on their endurance, only growing at the expense of people experienced these severe adversity.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Capital items
Many antediluvian items that are especially appreciated in a recessed world, such as for example: the antediluvian alcohol or metal box with candies, hand mirror and other things from the bottom began to be called “capital”, there is no such person who would not wish to get a piece of bygone civilizations to savor it at your leisure or just put on the shelf. These products are very popular, traders willing to buy them and give a good price for antediluvian things. One evening the men in the tavern galdeli supposedly one of them found a gold watch in the belly of the fish caught them, but just wanted to get a fish wagged its tail, jumped out of the boat and swam away. Gutted with a belly! Heh. * The author giggles and fart at the same time *

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Weapons
Since the days of the antediluvian war left a lot of weapons like firearms and cold. Much of this is usually raised from the floor, restored and is sold on the black market, or go to the armory Guardsmen-Of-yellow-pier (GIZH). Many craftsmen produce weapons of its own improvised litter, which can be bought in the market or at the tramps - so there’s a new kind of weapon called mechanical. Just a drowning world can often meet people armed farm implements. Many were able to raise from the bottom of cast iron cannons and others melted them for the production of handicraft samples of smaller size, suitable for firing with small boats. Gunpowder is very common in the lush world, despite its rejection of humidity. Weapons can get anyone having hard cash in your pocket, because people as before using it to destroy each other.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Children
Children in the lush world - a rarity. Most people consider children a miracle, and even the most notorious thugs and butchers do not dare to raise his hand to do harm defenseless crumbs.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/16187/103043027.1/0_baf23_1012a04c_orig.png Weather
The weather is very changeable, often snows and frosts.

https://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/11/103043027.1/0_baf39_341981f5_orig.pngSOME MISC INFORMATION

On the map, and the size of the world
Let’s start with the fact that the size of the map in Gmod Enough is limited, for comparison: The maximum size of the card is the player 32768u size in height: 60u. This is a pretty serious limits when you want to do even a little, but the world. At the moment it is decided relatively small size of locations, a low rate of transport and in particular the player when you walk on water. In the future, according to rumors will be able to work around this limitation. There is another way to spike much more - to reduce the time that way in all 16 subjects and including the player, using clever scripts. This approach is still too bagovany, so forget about it for a while.

About the setting of
Try not to make logical speculations of what is described in the Laura where they actually necessary minimum.

For players
Oh no role players. I think everyone finds equitable, that roleplayers should get a distinct advantage (in accordance with the Quenta (fictional story character)) before randomly players entering the server.

Probably everyone agrees that a player trying to win back the role even sloppy and unprofessional - automatically becomes part of the atmosphere of the game, it follows that such players are at a premium. Nerolevye same players in the bulk of its 95-96% come to the server for postrelushek to jump, pospamit chat and shit (this is especially true for a fucking (mostly) Russian-speaking audience Gmoda). Please! The setting allows for all of these things because they are natural, but keep in mind that the world you will be much more hostile than roleplayers, and in fact you will be cannon fodder powerless and contemptible, but remember that you’re together - force. Just in nerolevyh players will be a restriction on the choice of factions at the start of the game. On the test of such restrictions is not expected.

Special rules probably will not be on the server will be able to get anyone, but here is a list of things for the commission of which you will likely be banned (99%):

  1. You are logged into the game and took a nickname like “Aaakfyv8999ololo” most likely you will find banks, in some cases - change character name administration. Any meaningful names are allowed, are welcome to meaningful names like “Agathius Sinel’nikov” as well as the nickname “Ivan toothless”, “Grisha lame”, etc. Character names like “a fucking Rook” “one-eyed Huylo” acceptable.

  2. You break the atmosphere of the setting. The setting is historic and it would be nice to at least know the players that in the era of the Napoleonic Wars there were no cars and people did not use chips. For gross violation of the atmosphere you will find banks, a long and merciless.

  3. The use of bugs that could harm the stable operation of the server.

With regards to the rules of all perhaps, I will be grateful to all those who will be in the group and who will try to feel the atmosphere of the setting and maintain it. Please be sensible to carry garbage there are many other places.

Inadequacy and madness
To begin with, the project itself, its adequacy in the conventional sense does not shine, and it means that prop, and the inadequacy of the madness is not prohibited. Do not forget that all the character’s actions and its owner must comply with the setting, otherwise, you will do its inadequate project and I in particular disservice. Please, do not have garbage, uparyvayte tasteful. Atmospheric matershina and insults are welcome.

I promise that
Strongly support the project and to develop it as far as possible, opportunities and free time. To answer questions from players, to assist in the installation of the client and game resources, if needed (in his spare time) As the forces to spread the news - even small ones.

What I do not promise
I do not promise to respond to a fucking questions, not just promise to answer reasonable questions at the same moment as they were asked. I do not promise to perform a thing associated with the project at a certain time, I’ll do it when I allow the time and desire.

What I would like from players
First of all I would like to interest of the universe. The rest will follow.

Please, friends forgive me for G.Translator i am from Russia. If you want and can help with coding\mapping you are welcome. Thank you to everyone at least a little interested in the above written. And now some very alpha screens of development(For several reasons, they have not very good quality):

Some GUI:





Flooded church under water


Thick gypsy waiting for her husband’s house with a gun


Carry the eggs in a barrel - a bad idea


A man in a Russian fur coat floating in a barrel at night


Citizen of Lousy corner


Woman in underwear


The farmer and his farm


The lower area of Yellow Marina


River Guard in full uniform


Shooting on the street of Yellow Marina


Violinist in the flophouse of Yellow Marina


Thats all for now, thanks. It may some errors in text i fix this later.

Looks cool. Too bad I’m too afraid of sharks to probably try this.

Every time you post a massive picture without putting it in [noparse]

[/noparse] tags, a puppy dies. Other than that it looks brilliant! The pictures, gameplay, and models look fantastic and I would love to play an English version. You obviously put a lot of time into it

This is fucking mental I am very impressed (but please release an English version)

As you probably already noticed, my friends, you have a choice in which settlements appeared, which take place in the world. In this picture displayed looks different types of the inhabitants of the drowned world that you can choose for your character. Model course itself sloppy and unprofessional, but different from me should not wait, and the whole point of this project) Prior to test large changes in their appearance does not follow, so get used to these persons. * grunt *



Whoa, you really got bothered with this.

That’s very cool my friend!

[editline]21st February 2015[/editline]

Will totally play if I get the chance.

Also, if you need help translating to english, I can assist.

This is incredible! Awesome work by the art team.

Hello guys. Unfortunately there is nothing here for a long time did not write. I created a group in the Russian social network, there is very convenient to write news for the project. Post news on two sources and translate them I just did not have time unfortunately. I have great respect for all those who are on this board and who visited the subject of my modest project. At the moment, all I can share it with screenshots of the project, made over time. I hope someone would be interested. Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen. Actually a small Russian community - https://vk.com/potop1821 Forgive me for untranslated text in pictures. With best wishes from Russia.

The more and more I see this the more I think this isn’t in Gmod, yet it is (if am not mistaken)

I’m gonna sound completely nutter but is this actually a Garry’s Mod gamemode?!

Thats what I’ve been thinking the whole time… If it is then whole fuck… Like shit this is graphic and very well done

Thank you for your interest, guys! It really is a gamemode for Garry’s mod. I will use Nutscript as a framework.

I know you’re busy, and I’d expect this question to go unanswered and I’d be totally fine if that happens. So, my question is- Is this going to be a Light Roleplay, or Serious Roleplay? (When I mean Light RP I mean liek DarkRP)

Wait, do you not have anything done yet? Those screenshots are just Photoshop?

I hope not ;( , Well I think I personally might of just lost my interest in the gamemode due to him using nutscript…

It doesn’t look like English is his first language - I think he’s just phrased it weirdly “I will” was probably him trying to say “I am”.

Why? Nutscript is an good, powerfull, free framework for rps.

I don’t know honestly, I assume its a personal dislike but with this type of gamemode he is creating I would hope it isn’t serious roleplay