1872 Passenger Rail Car

Link to steam page http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=825330706

This is a small vehicle mod. It adds a 1872 rail coach car to GMod. It has workign animations, but it is rather simple.
The tanker car is rather light, both so it works better in gmod and because it was light IRL.

E - Couple manuals to this automatic coupler.
Class 37
Class 08
BRMK1 SO Coach
4-4-0 American.
1869 Union tank line tanker
(This car is automatic, which means it couples when the coupler touch on any other car that is * automatic* . To couple with manuals you must press E on the manual coupler/hook with it being close to the automatic hook)
(To uncouple you must use the uncoupling rod!)

E - Sit
[To sit, you must be in coach, and look at a seat, and press e. You must be close to the seat to sit down in it.]


A working railcar
A Coupling system [Automatic, but can couple with manuals - manualy]
Able to sit down.
A working handbrake
A working uncoupling rod


Skin 0: Union Pacific #35 (I think was just a movie production livery of this car)


Skin 1: Virginia and Truckee #4 (The actual original livery in real life)


Skin 2: Generic brown (This is a known livery used when this car was in movies of the 60-70’s)


Skin 3: Black Ridge Limited (This is just an extra skin, from a show called Westworld, it looks similar to the railcars in that show, so this work nicely)


Another model trains will be?

I don’t really understand you here, but I guess you’re asking what the next train mod will be, if so, it is going to be the flying scotsman.