1915 Stoss Vintage Racer

penis and I were buildin’ again, we made some 1910-1920 era racers, here’s my outcome. same setup as my Tusque, just faster( it goes like 85 liek holy shit)
uses some custom sounds that i’ll be releasing in a FUCKING MASSIVE PACK


That’s just awesome.

I absolutely love that turbocharger sound.

hahahaha that is really cool

I dislike the plates on the inside of the front wheels though

The engine sounds cool

how on earth is it a 1.16 MB DL?

it’s transmission whine, not a turbo, lol.

and TGIfallen, there are custom sounds in the zip

this is mine teehee

i like urs more than mine

I like mine more than yours

how would you know what mine looks like you sicko

cool cars guys. To bad the video ended abruptly after a very concern “What?” appeared in the chat box. That made me lol.

Awesome. Fuckin’ great shit. Win.
Release the “massive sound pack of win” soon dude. I’m still enjoying the tank sound pack (I inherited it off the old owner of this computer lol–it’s awesome)

i’m working on it, it’s about 92mb worth of shit so far.

I think it’s brill.

How does one weld so many props with little lagg?

it’s parented?

No it isn’t you idot. it nailed!!! XDxdxdXDxdxdXD

The basic design is quite simplistic, but it looks pretty good! Whats the prop count?

The only change I would make is to spread the hood to fit the body a bit better, and taper it. Perhaps lengthen the hood. Something about it looks unnatural.

Oh you nailed that one :rimshot:

I like amplars more.