1920's mobster with his Thompson

Sorry for the OS Paged Pool Memory thing, this was before I fixed my virtual memory error. It isn’t that good of a pose anyway, I just figured I’d put it up.
Oh, and beleive me, it’s harder than FUCK to pose a normal gun in this guy’s paws.

I like it.

Thanks, I thought it would be all flames for the warning thing, et cetera.

I like it, but the tommy gun looks too small for the mobster

I think having more than two camera angles on the same pose is a bit unnecessary.

WARNING: OS Paged Pool Memory Low

Yeah, I pointed that out.
My prop resizer tool doesn’t work.

he Corleone good

Mah see!

Other than the obvious low graphics and lack of AA, it looks kind of dull. Some bloom could fix that.