1930's Great Depression Roleplay Suggestions

So I plan to soon launch a Great Depression server. Now before I begin coding I would like to see if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for and such. Heres what we got so far:
Riot Control
National Guard
Radio Broadcaster
Business Owner

All DoD Sweps Version 2

“Depressing Roleplay” should be the server name.

Same thing as DarkRP. You add “kewl addawns” and add a bunch of shitty jobs like Thief or Hooker.

Were you also thinking of putting it on rp_downtown_v2?

too bad the national guard didnt exist in the 30’s

If you can get some period-accurate clothing, items and maps, this could have some promise.

Most of these should probably just be “Citizen”. Prostitutes, reporters, thieves, factory workers, the mob, radio broadcasters and possibly security should be just “/job” (or whatever your gamemode’s equivalent of that is) as an extension of citizen. Bartenders would either be a type of business owner, or regular citizens working under them. Riot control would likely be a subset of the police.

great depression rp sounds awesome, surprised no one made that yet sounds cool.

No. We were gonna make a custom map. I was second some jobs as it was hence making this post. If your gonna be a douche and not provide constructive critcism or suggestions fuck off I don’t wanna hear it.

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Were not looking for accuracy, just the general theme. I wanted a SWAT type thing. They would be admin or respected only aswell.

How about a farmer, and a Factory Owner Of course lol.

Stock market appraiser

Again, jobs like that should really be a part of the “citizen” class.

Define constructive criticism.
He stated a point, a point that I’d say is valid.
What gamemode is this gonna be? Made from scratch or DarkRP? From what I can tell, most likely DarkRP.
Also, don’t DL sweps from garrysmod.org and add them to your DarkRP edit/custom gamemode. Make your own sweps. Any Lua coder can do it, really.

You’re not looking for accuracy? That’s just… If you’re making a roleplay based server taking place during the 1930’s, of course it gotta be accurate.

The premise seems promising, but the way you’re doing it doesn’t.

Were going for a general theme, but just because alcohol wasn’t re-legalized until 1933 or whatever doesn’t mean were gonna have a bartender. Is having National Guard gonna ruin the experience? It’s not like were putting in AR15’s. For the gamemode I am still unsure. We can code our own from scratch, but it won’t be a serious server.

Well we need someone to be the Prime Minister/President with guards. So if by chance a guy will shoot him, it would be a World War. HOOZAH

oh shit now i want to play a game where you smuggle beer in the prohibition years

This thread is bumming me out.

How come?

Add 20th century beginning clothes, DOD weapons are ok I think, but too many jobs on the OP list, reminds me of the usual DarkRP server.

If you ever launch this, I would like to play, but it seems like it would be really hard to get everything in line for a server like this.

Gangster would be a good job because of the illegal alcohol distribution that was rampant at the time of the Great Depression. Similarly, FBI agent would be the counter for that job.