I own a large steam group of over 300 members and we are just now developing our new game mode, 1932RP.

Play as a SA trying to take power, a Jew owning businesses, a baker, a doctor, a illegal weapons dealer, a police officer and a communist. Protect the Reichstag from Nazis or Communists, or invade it as one. Steal money as a thief, and make money selling tommy guns to Nazis. With unique jobs, classes, and weaponry, we are surely here to give you a look of the hell in the final year of the Weimar Republic.

Now, this isn’t an ad, I am actually asking for more coders, modelers and texture artists! Hit me on steam, or this thread if you want to help. We do have a server up for alpha testing, but due to the no ad rule, you will have to pm me for it.

Basic jobs and classes- 40 percent
New map- 5 percent
Unique models- 9 percent
Weapons- 50 percent

Atm, we are using Luftwaffe models for the police, we will change them to WWI source german soldiers after Syntax_Error gets all those models readied up. Or, if some modeler out there can build a weimar republic police model, that would be nice.

SA is pretty much finished, we just need the Hitler class.

No Jew yet, and the other jobs aren’t implemented yet.

Content required from workshop:

Hitler wasn’t Chancellor until 1933, or Führer until 1934. The Jews play absolutely no significance, as Hitler hadn’t even risen to power yet.

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Not to mention that there were no “Nazi soldiers” yet; the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was still running for power.

The Jews in this game mode are targeted by the SA, which at the time, was very much like a mini military.

This is supposed to represent the final year of the Weimar Republic. Read it next time please.

Oh the inaccuracies are killing my History A-level.

Please enlighten me sir ass.

We are working on very limited things right now, considering nobody wants to help us model and map accurate things.

To be fair, there were ‘Nazi soldiers’ in 1930. The SA was founded in 1920 and was an armed, paramilitary wing of the Nazi party. In practice however, the SA was little more than a violent street gang until 1933.

That being said, the Nazis took very little action against Jews prior to taking power. They were far too occupied harassing supporters of the SPD and KDP political parties.

I don’t really see how this is different from all the silly ‘WW2 DarkRP’ servers there are, but I wish you luck all the same.

The Jew class is targeted by the SA, while also being a business super power. The job is still a major WIP.
He might not even make it to the final game.

“War on Britian”


This is Germany.

One year before Nazi control.

There are inaccuracies for gameplay reasons…

I’m sorry but this is flawed from the start.

  1. Calling people asses for replying to your thread isn’t a good way to get known.
  2. You OP suggests one jew owns many businesses when in fact your gamemode will limit that for a reason.
  3. Your OP is badly structured. You put all the “features” in a single sentence and they aren’t even features worth bragging over.
  4. This looks like a DarkRP edit just from the first few lines. Please specify if it is.
  5. This is the gamemodes and addons release section, you aren’t releasing this even when it is complete never mind now so you would be better off posting in the developer discussions section.
  6. You likely don’t have a mapper or modeller due to the gamemode idea in general; It’s pretty poor.
  7. You don’t own a steam group, you manage or founded a steam group which has 300 members which I also see no relevance to this gamemode or that it should be the first thing you mention.
  8. You’ve also said this isn’t an ad. Although I’d say this doesn’t pass for advertising as there’s no in your face advertisements, you are in fact advertising a job for a modeller or mappe. (Now I’m just being picky).
  9. Jews aren’t a super power and anything to do with WW2 or jews can be a touchy subject for a game. I’ve seen lots of servers go down due to neo nazi’s attacking the servers.
  10. Communist or illegal weapons dealer? You won’t last long in this gamemode which itself won’t last long as Hitler rose to power pretty damn fast.
  11. Being a baker sounds fun (sarcasm, again picking at anything)
  12. “Tommy Gun” is an American gun which also won’t be around very long in Germany. In addition it would probably be very hard to get a hold of.

I’m done being a bitch but consider those points. Also show some screenshots or people will really ridicule this thread.

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Have fun :slight_smile:

Forums are for discussions. If you can’t take criticism then stop offering us stuff to criticise (e.g. get better or stop “releasing” stuff.)(I know get better is a hard one but that’s what criticism is for, to get better).

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If your going to make a gamemode;

a good start would be one that does not insult a fairly large proportion of the GMod community.

Might be worth re-thinking your theme, Or at least make it less ‘racist’.

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