1934 Tusque Special

It’s a fictional vintage performance car I made. Uses a swingaxle suspension & hydraulic steering (and rides as smooth as a dick and as straight as a…dick)

no video because my fraps decided to stop recording sound.

dat swingaxle


wow! nice

Nice one! Breakable y/n?

n yet

Its hot.

it has 160 dls in 1 hour, what the fuck

Pretty epic there

Fix your fraps dude. You might just need to open it up and click on the “record sound” button. And if that’s not the case, open your audio mixer (in my case, Creative’s Surround Mixer) and make sure that wave and midi sound bars are at maximum.

they are heh

is that a new suspension? Can you show it independently


My bad i read the info. But can you show a tut?

Who needs sound anyway? Just add some 1930s music with Windows Movie Maker. Lolz.

Youtube “gmod suspension” dude. Start there.

:aaaaa: That is the nicest looking car I’ve ever seen in this game.

Shiny !

Moving camber swing axle is kinda meh though, but I guess it’s actually accurate to the time period in some ways.

for front suspension it isn’t realistic, but the camber change makes quite a difference. this car corners extremely well.

It looks very nice.

I’d almost suspect the bodywork wasn’t actually multiple props, it’s very smooth.

Old style phase for old style car.