1940RP - World War II - Roleplay.

Hello, The last years I played on many and several roleplay servers and communties. All very enjoyable and nice made with good .LUA coding etc.
The past months me and my friend were discussing to try making one ourselfs,Ofcourse with our lack of ability to code and HEX models this is a very big problem
and option for us to do. We tried almost everything and even spent a few days and nights to fix the models we wanted to use for our new roleplay ourself but without any kind of good succes,A sad thing I can say.

So this is why I’m making this thread,All desperate as I am (we are) at this moment and not willing to give up what we already made. As we just began with making this new gamemode and roleplay.

What we already have:

  • We have a host,That won’t ever be a problem as my friend got a $2000 host his self that can have atleast 100 IP’s connected.
  • A website (Still under construction)
  • And the whole game mode,How it should look and what should be added in the future.

What we need:

  • A advanced or decent coder that’s experienced with coding a DarkRP based server on Garry’s Mod.
  • A person that can HEX or Model models to let them work properly with the animations like most models have.

What will you get: We understand nobody will do this without getting any kind of benefits,So-…

  • You get fully acces to our servers, as VIP,Administrator or Super Admin.
  • Ofcourse the honor to help us people and the rights that you helped making this gamemode.
  • We don’t realy want to give up much money as we need it ourselfs for our study,casual things etc. but if the server is going good some money may be discussed.

What will the server be in the future: We try to make a semi-serious World War II server,During the occupation of France,Year 1940. That means all aspects in that time zone will be there and so do the weapons/contraband from that time. Me as a history geek is interested in the World War II and its games that are made over the years so it would be fantastic to have a gamemode myself!

I hope to get postive responses on this,Please if you’re interested contact me on steam: melvinneter and my friend’s steam name is: death4life57

Question answered.

In case you haven’t noticed; the DarkRP gamemode has the inevitable curse of screaming, deathmatching, children to follow in it’s footsteps.
It’s also a guaranteed way to get a free dumb rating.

We noticed that several times,That’s why we will try to make it that semi-serious or serious as possible. Strict rules will be included,The thing is I never saw making somebody a OA (Open Aura) or nexus based World War II Style RP. Would be a great project though. A WWII Based Roleplay made with OA.

But yeah,Thanks I gues.


Ok,This is just pretty wonderfull.