1943 StuG IV (the ugly version)


I worked with this today. I am willing to call it done, although Gibbo crashed about 20 detail props off of it. Anyway. It took me about 2-3 hours to make, and all I can do now is improve it. Since it’s a StuG I don’t wanna hear no fucking “baww bawww you don’t have bearing on that turret”, because I went realism and shit.

Build time - 2-3 hours
Primary armament - 1x120mm cannon
Secondary armament - 1x M19 Maschinengewehre (not shown in pictures)
Weight - 48 tons
Speed - 70 KM/h ( 43 MPH)
Prop use - TF2,DOD:s,CSS, HL2
Prop count- 389
Const count - 429
IN raise - 600



o yea this was nice, even though it was error city for me :frowning:

try using raptors material on stuff, it so sexy

IRL StUG assault guns had 75mm cannons, but this “Super StUG” is pretty cool. Good work.

I came buckets when i saw dis


You sir are a god at making tanks… :open_mouth: IT’S EVEN GOT AN INTERIOR, HOLY BALLS!!!

Canadian doesn’t like building vehicles, because people like you make better vehicles and can make them move, I either make some ugly blob that rolls, or some fancy amazing thing that has too many props and can’t move. =C

Really good job

(anyone notice the WWII theme starting? Bunkers, tanks, halftracks, ect.)

Aura lieks third person too.

Love it, what’s the difference between this and the III anyway?

only thing i don’t like is its sheer size

The III was built on a Panzer III chassis, while the IV was built on a Panzer IV chassis. After they realized the Panzer III wasn’t much use in it’s intended role they stopped making them and the IV replaced it, but by then the Stug III was pretty common.

Big tank is Big.

This thing is evil, he was shooting at me and it was scary.

I think MacHaddock makes some of the best looking contraptions out thier, deffinately an inspiration to build better stuff.

Thumbs up buddy.

I could uuuh… Put it in de_rats and it will be incredibly small :stuck_out_tongue:

No but I thought about it and I’ve never actually made a tank that was bang on scale in gmod. I always make them way too small, so I went all out and made this without ref pics or size comparison.

Also, sorry about the absolute shitty quality of the pics. I took em on freespace which we all know has some really really severe lightning problems.

This is probably the nicest ugly version I’ve had to see.

OHOHOHOHOHOHOH you have no idea.

I liek. It’s a tank.

Awesome. I approve.

Dude,have you already made a tiger and a panzer 4 tank?
I love tanks ! :smiley:

Funny you should ask, I made a Panzer just the other day. I have also made a Tiger before, but that needs a remake. I should remake this one too, cause it’s like twice the size of a real StuG. Anyway I should really start duping everything I make instead of just taking pics.

Fucking hate Stugs in CoH


Pretty awesome tank :smiley: