1944 DarkRP

How can i get it exactly, (I know it’s not a public gamemode but I would like to get the stuff that is needed for it, like the model’s, coding, stance, (already have the weapon’s), and the other Thing’s required to make my own server), so yes…Please give me all of that or atleast make me a 1944 DarkRP gamemode for my own personal use…Thank’s!.

First off, you cant just ask for a gamemode to be coded unless you pay, because no one is generous enough that will code something for free.


Give me 50 bucks and I’ll fix that for ya.

did i say for free?, No I will pay atleast $40 for someone to code me it, I will let you know when i can send it to you, btw fixed…does $40 sound Good enough?

If you have an idea, great, but if you want your own gamemode, I suggest building off someone else’s, since your topic implies that it will be a „modification“ of DarkRP.

I can help. Message me

40 dollars

will do

So you want to make an exact rip-off of 1944 RP?

Sounds a bit dodgy if you ask me…

Thats what I was thinking lol

What happened that was so interesting in 1944?

DoD:S or Siminov’s Weapon Pack
A 1944 style map
1944 Job’s = 1944 DarkRP

Agreed :
Personally tho, I’ve never played 1944RP. Maybe there are some big differences?

Also OP, if you like the gamemode, why don’t you just play the server. You can’t use a multiplayer gamemode for ‘personal use’, 1 person RP wouldn’t be fun.

So here comes my guess at what you want:

You want somebody to either leak the gamemode or make one incredibly similar to it so you can host a server… I imagine you would do this for three reasons; 1. To see the word (owner) next to your name and 2. To play as custom classes and 3. To have admin powers and classes.

Please gtfo and stop lying through your teeth: It aint working…

Yep, sounds a bit weird.

Why just don’t use Invasion 44. It’s a schema for OA which is better than darkshit.


Sorry for the guys that wanted to get 40$ for editing 3 lines, I think I broke your bussiness.

Fail it’s a schema for OpenAura… It’s not compatible for Tiramisu 2.

Although I am working on making it for Tiramisu 2, just saying.

You are just trying to copy My gamemode

1944RP(The Original) Is Not a DarkDM Edit Though.

Have you updated it?
Because when I joined my friend that was on it this month it was a DarkRP edit.

1942RP | 1944RP

Not The Same Thing

1942RP Is Some DarkRP Edit.