1950's style citizen models?

Anyone know of any that exist? As in, the general fashion of the era, and I mean both males and females, and if not, someone should make them. They could be ripped from L.A. Niore, but it’s not out on PC yet, so for now that’s a bit out of the picture.

I beg to differ. In any case, I support.

Last time I listen to my friend and not check something myself, I might actually know someone who can port them.

mafia II :wink:

Yeah, those models would work really well too actually. I’m writing an RP schema based in the 1950’s, going to try and make it a lot better than a generic nexus edit, but we will see how it turns out, seeing as I am hardly the world’s most talented coder, but anyway, no one knows of any?



Sorry if that wasn’t really what you wanted.

I originally posted links that you might be interested in for this post, but Blitzkrieg Zero posted the same thing before me. In any case, those are what were found on garrysmod.org. You might be able to find something else on this site, but I haven’t yet searched for anything on this site in relation to what you are wanting to find.

No, the suits are great actually, I’ve found a few suited models, and that’s fine because pretty much all men at the time wore suits, however, the women models are the problem. There aren’t that many non slutty female models with dresses on garrysmod.org, and the women in the 50’s mostly wore dresses and skirts.

Apologies for the double post, but actually, if anyone has any models of women with dresses or skirts, I could probably try to reskin them to fit the era.

Mrs. Wayne from Batman: Arkham Asylum is in a dress. Close enough.

Actually with a bit of model hacking from a friend, and some skin editing, I could make this into a decent 50’s women pack.

Actually, I need playermodels, I don’t think these are. I probably should have specified that they are for player model purposes.