1964 Akare Super Six

Another car from my fictional “Akare” production line.

It is based on 1960s british sports cars~~~~

It is my absolute favorite car that I’ve built, and drives fucking awesome. Poor brakes, unpredictable oversteer, and bouncy.

And it mimics the vroom of a 3L carbureted V6

Winston is working on a Coupe, and I’ll make a gnarly race version similar to a Shelby Cobra later, and if I can coax adv dupe into a proper copy, a release. Right now it’s saved with TBdupe.

The grill is making a scary face at me. :ohdear:

It’s going to rape you :byodood:

I like it a lot. I just wish those buckets weren’t so jagged.

Yeah, its a tad jagged, but I really like it. Love classic cars, and British sports cars. Am the proud owner of a Jaguar E-type


Inspires me to build something, fantastic sportscar. How’s it powered?

wheel and thruster, wheels provide the fun handling, thrusters for speed.

I can’t say that I like the color or the front-end bodywork much, but I do admire the smoothness of that suspension; it seems hella-fun to drive.

By the way, the driving can only be described with :flashfap:

Applytorque for propulsion, right?

Spindle-less suspension? Must know

it uses spindles.

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Here’s the group shots, race versions by Kyle, coupe by Winston:


I like the blue one the most :smile:

gripper v8 race version

I really love this :!

very, very hot!
i think the paint cans could be replaced with a better prop

You sir deserve a 10/10 star. Great muhhh f*cking job!

No, it uses spindles.

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you said what he said

How do you do the sounds? I noticed that when the car’s wheels didn’t touch the ground, the pitch of the sound increased at 1:34