1969 Dodge Charger Teaser Trailer

My 1969 Dodge Charger model is nearly ready for release so I decided to make a video to show it in action:

Hopefully it should be released shortly after my upcoming machinima ‘The Day The World Went Wrong’ which is currently in progress. I’m not sure when exactly it’s coming out so don’t ask me about it right now.

Sweet christ, it looks amazing!


That looks amazing man!
Cant wait :smiley:

Great work on the trailer and the car man…can’t wait to check it out! :slight_smile:

Chris, you did a fantastic job on the trailer. Will the vehicle be able to drift like it did in the trailer?

Also, how did you get the motion-blur?

Yes it will, everything in the trailer was done without the aid of thrusters or physics prop editing. Of course it depends on how good a driver you are :cool:

It’s quite a lengthy process but I will explain briefly:

  • Get AviSynth and VirtualDubMod
  • Record footage in game at 180 fps or higher with source recorder using the .avi method.
  • make an avisynth script like this:

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins\mvtools.dll")
source = avisource("E:\Chris's Documents\My Videos\Machinima\My Videos\Tests\Dodge Charger\Raw Video\charger1.avi").assumeFPS(180).ConvertToYV12()
backward_vectors = source.MVAnalyse(isb = true, truemotion=true)
forward_vectors = source.MVAnalyse(isb = false, truemotion=true)
return source.MVFlowBlur(backward_vectors, forward_vectors, blur=100).TemporalSoften(1,255,255,50,2).selectevery(6,1)

AviSynth scripts have the extension ‘.avs’

  • load the script into VirtualDubMod, which will load the video and apply the motion blur to it.
  • render it and enjoy.

Note that the rendering times are pretty huge but if you do ever use this method then credit Ross Scott, I learned it from ‘Source Machinima Cinematography’, one of his instructional DVDs.

Oh my god yes, a release soon? :dance:

It will be released after my film that is coming out on the 4th of december. I don’t know exactly how long after though but hopefully not too long.

nice movie advertising…and your giving away prizes :lol:

That’s cool enough, I wanna get that car :stuck_out_tongue:

See, I like when people put effort into their films. Well done, you took the extra mile and figured it out your own way.

Would’ve been much better in a less boring map.


Amazing. just wow can I put in a request for your next one?

Yes but could you do it on the Dodge Charger model thread here. There is a list of all the other vehicles that I want to do and the ones that have been requested on that page.

Just remember though that it depends on what I actually want to make/need to make (for machinima etc), whether I can find good references and whether I actually have the time to do it. There are also a range of good vehicle models which I have been able to find on free model sites which I may port over so some of the vehicles on the list have actually been made but are just not ready for garrys mod yet.

That looks really cool! Loved the L4D2 trailer music as well, it fits.

Why do people refer to it as “The L4D2 trailer music”?

For crying out loud, it’s called Electric Worry and it’s made by Clutch.


Also, funkeh ride.

That car looks like pure coolness. Handles like the cars in Driver. Seem like a awesome job there.

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