1972 Moth Truck

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So I got bored one day, and decided to mess around with some L4D2 and make edit the Longnose truck so I could use it for the CEDA Trailer. In the process of editing, a friend of mine, Slade Skox, pointed out how what I currently had seemed a lot like the Vigilante 8 1972 Moth Truck that Convoy drives. With this said, I had new motivation to recreate the famous truck and with a few edits here, a few deletes here and a bunch of cursing and yelling. I give you the 1972 Moth Truck from Vigilante 8.

And before you go on whatever kind of rant that pleases you.

Yes it heavy modification of the long nose truck from l4d2.

Yes I know the logo is not the same as the one from the N64/PS1.

And yes I do realize it’s not the same truck, nothing is ever perfect.

Other than that, please tell me what you think.

Thanks Slade Skox (Thunder Skunk) for helping out.

Now I just need to add weapons to it.

Also for anyone who is not familiar with Vigilante 8, here is the original.


Looks pretty nice.

That looks fantastic.

Make that into the Terminator:Salvation tow truck with the gatling guns on the sides…although they wern’t used in the film…still a neat idea…

Fuck, I loved that game as a child. :v:

No, the whole point of this is recreating the Vigilante 8 vehicles. (we are working on more than just the truck) So the weapons that will be put on the truck will be consistent with the old game.

Yeah, I’m Currently working on the 1970 Clydesdale. So they are going to look different, but they are gonna have the same kind of style as well as the weapons. same style weapons, but upgraded to look nicer.

Maximum Overdrive…
ends nostalgia moment

Wow, that looks great!

Do want now.

Without even reading the post, I saw the image and immediately though “Vigilante 8”

I :love: vigilante 8 so much. The plan is that they’ll be drivable, right?


Vigilante 8 simply is the best game ever in my opinion, I can boot it up today and still play it for hours without getting bored.

but to answer your question, for now they are props, but I’ll talk with cookie about making them drivable. If neither of us are able to do it, we could release the cars to the community and let someone else make them into drivable vehicles.

Also in other news, I’m currently trying some basic weapon designs. Behold the new Clydesdale.


now with Interceptors and the Hammerhead Mortar too.


Do note that I am basing my weapons on the ones seen in the game’s cutscenes.

And yes I am aware of the shitty smoothing but it’s a wip stage right now so that will be fixed later.

I really like those weapons. It’s a good thing you decided to use the ones from the movie to base them off. Keep up the good work!

I figured I’d have some fun with the Moth Truck by giving it a little friend to tag along with. Tell me what you think

It’s not done yet but it’s almost there

Looking great bro.

L4D vehicles tend to have realistic static tyres that are flat along the bottom. You’re going to have to fix that.

Yeah I plan on fixing that much later when the time comes to turn these into drivable vehicles, or after I have finished the rest of the V8 vehicles.

It’s surprising how well L4D vehicles fit for V8 cars, i mean of course, some cars will have to be from other sources, most notably the Manta (the corvette). But as for Moth Truck and Clydesdale, L4d2 vehicles Work. Now the only other vehicle I think I can make is the V8 Cover art Bus from L4D2 cars.

You would be surprised how hard it is to find decent and accurate models of the V8 cars.

Weapons are coming along great.


:suicide: Wow, i remember that…

Great skinning and model editing, was a fan of the game, hoping some sort of game mode evolves out of these models.

I think it’s be cool just to do before and afters of the cars from before they were edited and looked like they did in L4D to how they became V8 cars.