1994 Dodge Ram 2500

Well TDM made an updated version of the Dodge Ram truck but I play GTA:IV and I recently found a truck model of the above mentioned (in the title) truck. http://www.gta4-mods.com/vehicles/1994-dodge-ram-2500-f3407 I was wondering if someone could possibly port/rig this truck to be used in Garry’s Mod as a vehicle I know it takes alot of work but I am willing to be patient I will be happy if anyone even considers doing this request. Thank you.

As far as I know Custom Gta iv cars are locked or something when you try to port them But I support.

Small bump.

Very sorry for the double post but can’t you just port it like you would anyother car I mean it is just a replacer so it should be the same.

Yeah I can give it a shot

Thank you for even attempting.

Hey can somebody give me that one unlocker? I don’t own gta iv on this computer and the file is locked, so if someone can do that then expect a 1994 dodge ram.


This one?

Ah yeah that one. Could you unlock the file with it? I need a gta.exe on this comp or else it wont work.

Now how do I do that I navigated it to the folder set the path but when I went to install the patch it said that something called textparams.txt is missing what do I do?

Sorry, but to be blunt, I have no idea. Every other gta thing I used was in San Andreas and was not locked. Although I’m pretty sure other people had that problem, you could google it.

It seems I cannot do it i am getting error after error with this unlocker.

This would be mighty useful for that tornado map coming out soon.

I did. I did what it said to do but no dice so someone else is gonna have to unlock it. Sadly.

That is what I want it for. Can you unlock it?

Ok guys I have been at this for three hours and this is what I have I need an experienced person to carry out from here with the wheels glass and doors:

I got it this far help me out here. Post for a link to the .blend file.

If someone gets it ported all the way done I can rig it to be drivable.

Ok sentry here is the new version I had to scrap the other and this isn’t the same model but it is as close as I could get it:

This is the 1996 version of the truck. Here is the dl link for the .3ds model : http://www.mediafire.com/?e4bfn4dpbp0xce8

If that’s what I think that is, I’ve seen it before. Isn’t that that one extremely high poly model that also has a miniature Renault van underneath it? That thing’s got a ridiculous polycount man.

It doesnt seem to be that high poly but yeah it does have a van underneath it should I just try to get a gta San Andreas model of it? It might be easier.

You could, but it’d be nice to see a model of this quality in gmod. Personally I’d like to see both. For the blue one it would need some work though. I’d recommend getting rid of those treads for optimization. A smooth tire with a bumpmapped texture would help a shit ton. Refer to Danishmaster’s cars for that one.