1995 Dodge Ram from Twister

Hey, got a request here that I’m willing to pay $15 for.

The Dodge Ram from Twister.

Should be some good references there, if not, I’ll try and get more pictures from the movie if need be.

Please send some examples of your work. The only requests that I have is to keep the truck “jacked up” as it looks in the first picture on that page [you don’t have to make the topper, it’s not needed] and to have the truck bed big enough to hold things in the back. You don’t have to worry about custom sounds or anything, the jalopy sound will work.

Funny. a guy was just working on a similar vehicle a while back. I’ve got the same truck on my hard drive as well, but it seems to be intent on crashing Blender. Very high polycount. It may have to be custom-built.

EDIT: found it. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1153909

Yep, very close. Just not an extended cab, or with the 8 foot long box. I know someone was asking around to convert a GTA SA model. Maybe it can be made from that.

I was actually talking about the blue one a little ways down the page. The model’s free, but it is pretty damn big in terms of polycount. You could work with that, but it would probably be best you learn the exploit that master chris and thedanishmaster use for their high-poly models first. Gotta get around that polycount limit.

I wish I could do it myself, but I have no modeling experience whatsover that would help.

TDM ports and chris actually models the game that TDM ports from is Forza 3 in which he got his dodge ram model from but that was the only one made for that game.

You’ve missed the entire point. The source engine has a polygon count limit. Master Chris and Thedanishmaster use an exploit to get around the limit. Without the exploit, the polycount limit severely constrains the quality on the vehicles, especially the interior, as seen on DanishMaster’s older vehicles (see nissan 350z, land rover, etc.) and Master Chris’s old dodge charger. If you want a higher quality vehicle model like the blue dodge ram that you found earlier, you have to use the exploit.

You’ve explained things that I’ve already known for some time. I know that DanishMaster does ports. I know that Chris does custom models. but either way they both run into the same problem with the source engine.

I don’t think anyone knows of any such exploit and if you try to contact TDM he doesnt respond I am guessing so other people dont start making high quality cars.