1hp NPCs

Usually when i want to hav some fun by killing innocent ppl…I need to do a headshot to instant kill an npc. I wish someone can make 1hp npc which can be killed no matter where u shoot. It could be useful for a war map with civilians. TY

Kleiner and Eli and Magnusson.

After you’ve spawned your NPCs, type this in console:

ent_fire npc_* sethealth 1

Or if you’re lazy, type this in, then press i when you’ve spawned your NPCs

bind i "ent_fire npc_* sethealth 1"


Or if you’re even lazier put this into lua/autorun/onehpnpc.lua

function OneHpNPCs( ply, npc )
hook.Add(“PlayerSpawnedNPC”, “OneHpNPCs”, OneHpNPCs)

Or if you’re even lazier than that just spawn a ragdoll, that way you won’t even have to shoot it:v: