1S2K.com's Rust Server

1S2K.com is hosting Rust w/Oxide, and welcomes you to come join in the fun. Server is pretty new and currently (Jan. 9th) is low population. 1S2K clan is 100% anti-idiot.

Server is based in US-Central (Chicago). Pings for all of the US should be around 100 or less.

–Currently PVE. Build, create, explore, and learn the game without being ganked by some over-zealous ninny with a rock.
----Plan for PVP nights, once that’s available (or via Oxide if/when available).
–90% faster crafting.
–No Sleepers (until I am able to configure it for a short duration).
–Many tweaks to the loot table. Explosives/Explosive Charges exist, but are quite rare (Explosives cannot be crafted, Charges (“C4”) can.
–Raiding is allowed, stealing/blocking other’s builds (replacing blown doors with your own, or blocking access) is highly frowned on.
–Owner/Admin is old and crotchety and not swayed by youthful cries of “load me this and that”. No admin shinanngins, period.
----additional admin will be restricted in abilities once it’s available (or via Oxide when/if it’s installed).

–We have a message forum at 1s2k.com. Get info about our server, and voice your concerns, wants, issues – or just brag about that last raid.
–200 user Mumble server.

If browsing the server list; sort by name. Name always starts with “1S2K.com”. The rest of the name might change from time to time.

To quickly get connect just use the console…
In game hit F1 for the console, then type in: net.connect