1v4 with no life

Nice killstreak!

usually i would flame something about call of duty, but nice kills man.

I wish I could see it.

Damn you GEMA (yeah seems like they removed GEMA out of this text, but I know it’s their fault).
Let’s get a proxy app. :v:

Nice one respect you only used pistol and pipe shotgun!

I love the duck inside to grab more ammo. Very nice work.

sickkk, is that a 9mm or a p250?

Its a P250 because it tops off with 8 rounds (rather than 12 for the 9mm)

What a god! That was amazing.

If only medkits still worked like that.

were you streaming. If you were, you were very silent.

Nicely done :),

Note to self avoid TylerG ingame…

amazing job mate:)

Sweet video man :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good dude. Your brave with pipe shotgun.

FYI, your baked as fuck

you seemed very enthused in that video lol…

yo Tyler :slight_smile:

good shit bro