1v6 Massacre - Hackets Are Great!

Hi Everyone,

The first three kills are pretty damn intense then the last 3 slowly trickle in to help.

Darn it, why wont the title update to Hatchets**

Haha, great vid. We should play together some time, send me a PM with steam if you like.

Lulz where had I see

I was kind of expecting an aimbot judging by the title xD

Epicness ensued.

i used to play on that server

Great work on those guys, would never be able to pull that off in game though.

Yeah, I messed up the title and couldn’t edit it on the forums lol.

why did none of them try and hit back??

I two of them tried but idk why they didn’t. I think they were not sure who was who in the room.