1V7 the alamo! Ricky vs the french!

I almost had it : (

call in france

How can you stand being with a 12 years old on TS gosh

Why does age have anything to do with it? He is a very nice kid and isn’t annoying at all. Way to be a ass.

I joined S31 at 13. I honestly don’t know how they put up with me but I had nice comebacks, wasn’t a fuckass, and I played well.

Christ, has it been 8 years? They’re practically family now.

point being is age has nothing to do with it. Don’t be a fuckass and people will generally like you.

what syntax said :smiley:


Nice running and gunning!

i knew eko was bad, but this bad… oh wow

Lol rama i know :smiley: the funny thing is i told the french to come stream snipe me earlier in my stream and they sure did! :smiley:

Yeah… sometimes the balls not dropped voice can get annoying but usually only when it is bitching about someone hacking or cheating or aimbotting for their kills on the lil’ squeakers

With no proper medkits, well that was nice! :°

well i was actually fighting them for a few minutes before the video starts and had used the medkits then :smiley: thats just were i said F it lets go bro’s

and ty! : )

don’t act like they’re sentient, :wink: