1Week needs mappers(fully released playable mod made by Facepunch)(jetpacks)[come on yall]

Today 1week released. What is 1Week i hear you say? 1Week is MP CTF mod developed by facepunch members that was made in a week. The thread is here


Anyways, we’ve released + everything is going well. Patch is in the works and nearly done. 1 problem. we don’t have many maps. We have a very good big team based map but playing the same map after a while gets old. So I decided it’d be a good time to visit my old Mapping forum buddies.

Gameplay trailer.


Just curious if anyone here would be interested in making maps for the mod.

I could convert my old casbah source port to work with the mod, but I don’t think a mideast theme would go well with a futuristic space theme.

It’s not nesciscarrily space. Just futuristic. Think HALO/Tribes/Star wars

So like team deathmatch or ctf?

CTF, it says that in the OP.

Although I’m sure JLea might consider adding a TDM or DM gamemode later on.

Will you guys be needing the VMF to add in game assets?

I might make a few mock-ups over the next week or so just because I love making maps with strategic risk where you can fly over something dangerous to reach a good vantage point, but if you misjudge the distance you fall to your death.

I should probably explain how maps work + should be designed.

There should be 2 bases, red and blue, floating if possible.

Inside each base is the flag, and also a generator. The generator powers the forcefields in the map (Which can be walked through by members of its team)

Remember that jetpacks are a primary gameplay feature, so think of endless voids, floating platforms, etc.

Any style that this game requires or has? Or are you free to choose?

I think they have a futuristic, sci-fi style going on right now, but I only really got a chance to skim the thread since they’ve been moving so fast.

Consider it done. I have a great idea for this kinda map. Also, who’s the scripting team? I have a suggestion for them for future gameplay that i could help script. Anyways… yea… contact me through pm for my steam and ill add u for more information :slight_smile:

What are the names of the entities like the flag or other objectives?

It’s in the FGD when you download the mod. is_flag = flag. is_generator = generator. is_pickup = pickup. is_brushforcefield = team specific forcefield

that sounds a lot easier than tf2’s team entrances

How many Hammer units can a jetpack fly? Are there any different player dimensions such as speed, jump height, or anything else? That’s kind of important to know in floating platforms.

NOTE: 1.05 just came out today, we had a big playtest on mist (my map)

Pretty good, outdoors are the way of the future. Anybody working on a map?

I’m thinking of a non sci-fi map idea i think i’m going to go draw it out

When you say floating I think of unigine heaven benchmark and steam-punk…

Just stumbled onto this thread. Might give this a go.

Hope so, we need some new things to add to the mod.

I’m expanding a small project for this mod. I hope to actively learn and try out 3DsMAX throughout this progress and I have some interesting gameplay elements in store for this map.