1x1 Tube Ends Not Available?

There is a fundamental flaw with the current 1x1 Tubes that come as standard in Garry’s Mod, under the specialised sub-category. The 1x1 tubes do not have any end pieces, making them much harder to end in a decorative fashion (for example, as a rounded cap on a cannon, or an end-plate on a pipe).

I’ve had a look through various packs of models, but none of them seem to have either their own tubes or the missing pieces (for example, Sprops has some tubes, but the domes are flat ended rather than hollow!).

Are there any plans to finish off the range of models, or does anyone know of a pack that fills in the gaps?

Sounds like you’re out of luck. As far as I know, PHX hasn’t had a meaningful update in several years. Currently, Sprops is your best bet and chances are that, if what you need isn’t in there, you’re never going to find it.

I actually had the same problem a year ago. PHX isn’t updating stuff afaik.