[1xinfusion] Hybrid Space / Ground Combat VTOL Hover Tank (WIP)

Now i don’t ever post on these forums. i only comment. which is why you never see any of my contraptions. but i pay attention. i know how to build, from learning off all you magnificent builders out there. So now i’ve decided. Why only take from the community? I should release some of my stuff. so…

Introducing… Hybrid Space / Ground Combat VTOL Hover Tank (WIP). this is a prototype

It comes with:
balancing / rotating engine pods. (vertical for hover (follows terrain), horizontal for space movement)
mouse aimed tank turret / barrel.
vertical / horizontal anti personnel turrets
full interior.
parented details with non parented armor for gcombat
made with all phx and wire except the tank barrel
low lag

To do list:
actual balancing wiring
fine tuning
cam controller for multiplayer use

Pictures: (sorry about the low fps. I’m on my laptop while taking these pictures and my fps is always around 20-40)



turret view

back view

v/h turret emplacements

engine pods

interior (WIP)

I give some credit to the artists at rocketpunchstudios.com (http://www.rocketpunchstudios.com/artgallery/vehicles/vehicles_hovertank.jpg)
they made the concept picture in which i based my tank on.
of course, i can’t build it to exactly how it looks. it also wasn’t my intent to copy it. Our tanks are similar.

yes this is a work in progress. It is only a non functional rag doll i made with ball sockets and other things to show off its mechanics and looks. I will continue to work on this for the next few weeks so stay tuned!

c&c welcome. =]

That’s really smooth. I’d like to see a video on how it flies when it’s done.

That looks sextastic, Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Very nicely done.

Much nicer than the other VTOL on here (and that was pretty good already).

wow now that is one sexy looking VTOL

That’s possibly the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.


I say that a lot, but I actually mean it. Seriously. :uhoh:

Id hit that

Favorite picture:

Hate to be the ass to criticize this wonderful looking machine, but it think it would look cooler if the bottom was also as smooth as the top. But even if you don’t change it, still is awesome. Well done.

Not really, like I said, the bottom is my favorite part.


That’s all that needs to be said.

That and you did good Tony, you did good boy.

thank you everyone!

tony ?

That’s awesome, really good use of PHX.
Call it Razorblade :v:

EDIT: Let’s hope emos won’t try to use it.

That’s an amazing contraption made of PHX.

I want one. It’s sexy, has a sorta curvyness to it. I like curvy…

Wait a sec… Tau anyone?

Very nice, but why’d you put your own name in the thread title? That always puzzles me. :raise:

easier to search i guess ? i always use search

Sleek, smooth and sexy :V.

Looks more like a flying hover tank to me though.
Then again, you made it, you could call it Ben for all I care.

Also, as for parenting I suggest you use this method,

It means you don’t need to create extra non parented props for Gcombat armour.

i was looking at that thread earlier. i think i might just try it instead of asking if it works lol.

but fuck! lol that means i have to load up a earlier save and reparent everything again. AHHH