2/22 **New**Rust MadHouse Rare Military,Uncraft C4,PVP,SLP,Airdrops@10,1/2 craft

Ever wanted to play in a server where military weapons are very very rare.? well, now is your chance. I just ordered this server and set it up right before I posted this.

Server is located in Montreal, Canada - Also has DDOS protection, meaning for uptime for gaming.

Rare Military (Super Rare, Also rare research Kits)
No fall Damage
1/2 craft
/Kit Starter
/Remove - to remove objects
Airdrops @ 10 people
Uncraftable C4
You can find Supply Signals and C4 in Mutant animals and Weapon Boxes…

Build all you want and we will not ever wipe again…

No Griefing ( Dont Block Doors even when raiding)
No spamming Chat
No Rage Spamming
No Screaming constantly in voice chat (Lags Server)

Admins are active and we will be looking for active people on server to become admins to help out…

Admins will not abuse powers, so please do not ask for teleports or free stuff… IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

Also if you need a place to talk to friends, we have a TS3 up and running for the public!! join here

Nice, DDOS protection. I’m going to join!