2/27/14 Wiped US East , PvP , Sleepers, Active Admins & More

Hello everyone we have just wiped our server and installed Oxide for hopefully a different and better gameplay experience. All of what you expect is here, PvP, Sleepers, Airdrops (when they are fixed) and Active Admins!

The biggest change is Admins have tweaked the loot tables to kinda create a different experience.
Hi grade Military Weapons (especially M4’s and Bolt Actions are rare drops)
There are NO research kits. This means with the lower drop on military and combined with durability , we should see more of a rustic environment in game. More bow battles and handgun fights.
C4 is only available through crates and airdrops , as you can’t research explosives
Overall the goal is create more PvP and territory control. Controlling crates will be extremely helpful to groups. Solo players will probably find this environment more harsh, so its best to join with a friend or make a friend when you join!

The server had a medium population pre-wipe of about 40-50. Hopefully it will get back up to that and grow further.
Hope to see you there.

To join launch your game and press F1 to open your console and type this in without quotes “net.connect”