*2/27 Wipe*Completely Anti-Hack Server. Using cheats to catch cheaters. [US Central - Vanilla]

After having hackers mow my team down on 60% of servers, I’ve opened a new server with the sole intent of making it hack free. I’m using advance cheat tools and exploits to detect all cheaters - this way they have no chance. That being said, I do not play on the server, only moderate. All acts of cheating and bans will be recorded and posted on my Youtube channel. The server itself is completely Vanilla, and I will NOT interfere with the server with the exception of moderation.

Vanilla | 1x Craft | No Durability Loss | Airdrops@20 | Central US | Average Pop 20+
To join, launch the game until you are at the main screen, with the buttons “Play Game” and “Options” From there, push “F1” to open the console, and paste this inside: net.connect Press enter and you will connect.

tried joining, didnt work
edit:nevermind it did

another post “wiped today” to get more people to join, was really 2 days ago with people with huge towers and full kev

Was wiped 2/27 at 1:12 pm EST. But if you’ve got a decent enough group, full kevlar and a huge tower doesn’t take more than 6-7 hours.